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We have started the battle about the name of our country, the country from whose aches and dust we have become. That country is the aches and the dust of our ancestries, wet from rivers of blood and tears, floundered, kneaded and dried from the hoofs and the arsons of the hordes of beasts that have grumbled. That land is also build with sweat in bricks and straw that has been born for the warm rooms and eaves in the home of our ancestor to birth him and rise our grandfather and to birth him he for rising our father and he- for rising us.

Exactly in this country, named Macedonia, at the end, we will merge into like a transitory time of the insignificance - in the endless aches and dust of all of our ancestries. And that is the reason why this country has not deserve to spit at her, she isn’t for giving like a present just like that to someone, nobody can negotiate easily for her and we can’t stay calm when she is offended. That’s why we are here – exactly we, who are writing this lines, her birth, we are her voice and also her fist. We aren’t writing of a good will of ours or because we have plenty of time in this world rush - No! , we are writing because the negations and the hysteria from the stealing of everything Macedonian isn’t stopped yet – the history, the souls, the territories…and the name. Not only they don’t stop, they are flared up more then ever; just open any web site, media, even some product and you will see – they have pasted our historical image and name. Through the times when we were slaves, they have destroyed, falsified and stolen documents, artifacts and cultural - material treasures from the Macedonian people.

And, nowadays, the give money for buying out material and archeological documents from us and from the world directing elites. No matter how much they steal, falsify and taking out – they cannot do everything – our cultural – historical treasury is too big. While they have covered one hole, new holes are shown, until they get bigger and bigger in which they will fall into with their evil. In this informatics and educate society, their old tricks don’t pass so easy, neither one secret can be undiscovered. Those who negate us, are in the tragicomedy’s face of the emperor Trayan with the goat ears, who buried the secret in the soil. And as then, from the buried soil, germinated like reeds from who every new fife sings all the same - the truth about the emperor Trayan, just like now, those who negate us hear all the same- the truth about their lies and defects.

Our country, too discovered the buried secrets despite all told lies. In the moment when the digging up has been started, it has been discovered Macedonian royal tombs with masks, steals, guardians, armors, shields, carriages, there were called out whole capitals, divinities, mitt flyers and who knows what else that someone others claimed that it was theirs.

In Macedonia are forged millions of coins in every locality in Macedonia, there isn’t place where isn’t proved and also there are found foreign coins that proves the trade and the exchange of Macedonia with all known world those days. And everything is here, on the surface – ruins, defenses, churches, epitaphs and memoirs and everything that the travelers, statesmen and foreign archives had collect and written about those who negate us - is here. Especially, about their brutalities, propaganda and crisis that they have given to us.

About all of that, especially about the Macedonian truth, it is worth fighting, no matter what they will do, we will fight for this values and this is a fight without giving up.

“They won’t pass”.

- Until whole horizon is our picture!!
- Until our brain thinks of our country!
- Until our hearts pulse liquid – color of our flag!
- Until our chest breathe the air of our forests!
- Until our hearing hears the straight of the sadness in our songs!!

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